Sophia Jansson @ Pictoplasma Berlin 2018



02 – 06 MAY 2018

From May 02 to 06 Pictoplasma transforms Berlin into the world’s most vibrant meeting point for a diverse scene of artists and creatives, trailblazing the face of tomorrow’s visual culture.

While international creators and producers meet for a central conference to exchange strategies for tomorrow’s figurative representation, the wider festival showcases latest trends in character design and art, cutting edge screenings bring the latest animation eye-candy to the big screen, and numerous exhibitions throughout the city invite all to experience original works and outstanding character craftsmanship.

First confirmed speakers: Victor Castillo (CL), Sophia Jansson (FI), Edel Rodriguez (USA), Alberto Vásquez (SP), Charlotte Mei (UK), Jim Stoten (UK), Kéké Flipnote (FR) and more …

Character Portraits by Pictoplasma Publishing

OPEN 24/7


The ultimate source books for character designers, connoisseurs and the creatively curious…

Alumna Esra Büyükdoganay @ Pictoplasma Academy



Bring your character skills to the next level:

Since 2013, Pictoplasma brings the experience, knowledge and expertise of its conferences and festivals to a new level of inspiration and intensity with unique 8-day masterclasses in BERLIN and MEXICO CITY. Selected Academy participants get the unique chance to work on refining their personal projects and ideas under the close guidance of acclaimed artists and designers with years of experience and international standing.

El Grand Chamaco on Pictofolio



Pictoplasma’s new online home for characters—and their creators!

When Pictoplasma went online in 1999 via 56k modem, it was our goal to serve as the world’s first platform for a new generation of character-driven visuals. Only a few months later our database imploded and all was lost.

Now, after more than 17 years of closely accompanying a global scene of artists in the real world, through our festivals, conferences, exhibitions, publications and the Academy, we feel the time has come to start over, do it right, and create a soulful and supportive online community, where artists can push characters to new visual heights.

Rodrigo Hernandez  #CharacterFaceOff Challenge




Pictoplasma regularly releases thematic calls for entries—and collects, examines and makes comparable an endless, global stream of figurative character designs. By doing so, more often than not, even the slightest shifts in recurring motifs becomes readable, leading to surprising conclusions to underlaying topics and current zeitgeist trends.