They live on our screens, pervading our world perhaps even more than we know, and even though they are intangible, they are unequivocally real. Perspective towards the Internet has changed greatly, while the Pictoplasma exhibition is organized to remind of the ancestors of today’s 3D characters, and their legacy in current digital visual culture.
Widewalls (CH) October 2014

Can you imagine what Microsoft might have created for Office if they had Pictoplasma at their fingertips? Instead, we got stuck with the world’s most annoying paper clip. Character design is not just slapping eyes and mouths on an inanimate object. It’s about finding a visual way to instantly connect with the viewer on an emotional level.
My Nuts are Your Nuts (USA) November 2010

I believe that characters will continue to repeatedly transform in the future, creating areas where new characters can live.
Takashi Murakami (JP) foreword “Pictoplasma 2″, 2003

Pictoplasma has developed into a vibrant network of character creators. And Pictoplasma has published numerous compilation books and DVDs, organizes annual conferences and festivals in Europe and the U.S., curates exhibitions, and has generally become as ubiquitous as the characters they represent.
Steven Heller / The Atlantic (USA) October 2012

Instead of stepping back in time, catch a glimpse of the future at the Pictoplasma Conference in Berlin, the international meeting of the creators behind the newest personalities.
Vogue Italia (IT) August 2006

Without really noticing it, Pictoplasma has unleashed a true visual phenomenon, that is just waiting to be discovered.
Beaux Arts Magazine (FR) February 2006

Pictoplasma is interested in showing the familiar confusion that these characters provoke when reflected by the human eye.
El País (ESP) May 2013

During the last years, the creatures have taken on gigantic dimensions and Pictoplasma has advanced to be a cultural institution.
Libération (FR) Dezember 2011

Characters in Motion shows clearly: dramatic performances are not restricted to living humans. At two o’clock in the morning, nothing is more bewildering and mysterious – we’ve tried it out. And we’re thankful.
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (Ger) November 2005

Besides Pictoplasma’s theoretical focus, it is especially the unlimited strength of contemporary characters to convince through their visual density and apparent timeless simplicity.
Der Gap (Austria) December 2006

Frightened because it isn’t like anything you have ever experienced? Scared because it will be so different from anything you’ve been to before? Don’t be! Embrace it! Get ready to be delighted and don’t let another Pictoplasma pass you by!
Heather Kenyon (USA) November 2008

Pictoplasma is defining the perimeters of a new genre.
Eye Magazine (USA) December 2006

The New York edition of Pictoplasma was as successful as possible: great programme, fantastic speakers and performances and audience getting jaw-ache from constant grinning.
Régine Debatty (BE) September 2008

Taking in almost 10 lectures a day was like going out in a rainstorm of ideas, thoughts and images – getting swamped but feeling refreshed afterwards.
Modart Magazine (BE) December 2006

The character-filled event was full of energy and excitement. …
We can only hope for another inspiring Pictoplasma event to come back, if not to New York then to another lucky city.
Matt Sung / design:related (USA) September 2008

Wird man einst raunen: 2009, das Jahr, in dem wir Kontakt aufnahmen? Die ‘Pictopia’-Schau punktet mit Positionen, die im Grenzland zwischen Kunst und Design angesiedelt sind und den Grusel, die Groteske und das Pathos aus den Figuren herauskitzeln.
Monopol (DE) March 2009


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